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At Gee Cross Holy Trinity we believe that the ability to read opens the door to a rich world of books. Children can use their imagination to explore new worlds, to feel safe in familiar environments, to find out about different people and cultures and most importantly to enjoy!

As soon as children come to Gee Cross Holy Trinity they are introduced to a wide variety of high-quality children’s literature through our Power of Reading approach. We encourage the children to listen to stories and to handle books carefully. Story time takes place each day and through this, children are encouraged to respond and join in with familiar texts. This is the first step on the exciting journey of learning to read and one which continues throughout your child’s time at primary school.


Reading Gems

We teach the children to read using a wide range of strategies. These include the teaching of phonics, using Twinkl phonics scheme and resources, identifying whole words, using picture cues, discussion about the text and predicting what might come next. Our Reading Gems across school support children in understanding the different reading strategies and help our pupils’ progress into more confident, analytical and responsive readers.

We use a variety of reading materials throughout school, including Pearson Bug Club, Pearson Phonics Bug, Collins Big Cats and Oxford Reading Tree.  Our books are chosen because they are fun to read, colourful and appropriate to the age and development of the children.

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We use Twinkl Phonics to teach the children phonics and early reading. This begins in nursery and develops listening skills in the early stages.  We use songs, rhymes and actions to help the children learn. They are taught how to blend and segment words to help them read and spell. The children enjoy these sessions which are timetabled daily in Early Years and Key Stage One.


Parents’ are encouraged to play an active part in helping their child to read. This can be through reading stories to their child on a regular basis. We also expect children to read at home and share their reading books with parents. A little and often is best, especially in the early stages. It is important to remember that reading can include stories, poems, comics, magazines and newspapers.

By working together, we hope that our children will read with confidence, enthusiasm and enjoyment. We want our children to be lifelong lovers of reading.

Reading at Gee Cross Holy Trinity

Reading is a priority at Gee Cross Holy Trinity.  Here are some of the things that we have and do to promote a love of reading:

We have - 

  • An English Curriculum that is well-planned and dedicated to place high quality children’s literature at the heart of all learning through our ‘Power of Reading’ approach.
  • A termly Power of Reading home-reading challenge with a reward for those who succeed.
  • A reading system which uses a variety of different schemes to capture the interest of all children.
  • A well-resourced phonics reading scheme that supports early reading throughout EYFS and Year One.
  • A well-resourced library.
  • A huge variety of guided reading books and resources.
  • Reading areas in all classrooms stocked with age appropriate books, newspapers and magazines.
  • Story time every day.
  • An author, poet or story teller visit at least once per year.
  • Phonics workshops for parents.
  • As many reading volunteers as we can get to do additional reading with our children.
  • Recommended New Books Leaflets which we send out to parents.
  • Opportunities to celebrate reading events such as World Book Day.
  • Opportunities to recommend books to each other.

Learn and play.  Why not try these activities at home with your child?

Our exciting English Curriculum is rich in high quality children’s literature. Enjoy reading our English Long Term Overviews for each year group here.

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