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We provide a curriculum in which PSHE and citizenship are embedded. Our subject provision includes opportunities to develop pupils’ spiritual, moral and social cultural development, whilst strongly upholding and promoting our school Christian and British Values. This in turn enables all children to develop an understanding of the ever changing world in which we live, develop the skills necessary to take an active role in their community and manage their lives safely and effectively.

The philosophy behind HeartSmart underpins our curriculum and our intent for children to be emotionally literate.  HeartSmart helps children to learn how and when to lead or guard their hearts, essential to resilient living. 

The HeartSmart programme teaches the children to process feelings to ensure they do not live in constant grief, disappointment and hurt. We teach pupils to understand that negative emotions are part of life and it is okay to not always feel okay.  We develop strategies with our pupils to deal with challenges in their lives and to show empathy and compassion towards them. 


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The content of the programme provides children with the courage to tell the truth, to communicate boundaries and share their vulnerabilities appropriately. 

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The HeartSmart High Five

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